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Up-To-Date Consultancy is passionate about you getting the very best out of your people. Your people can make or break your business and it all comes down to the way you manage them, their safety and their knowledge and skills.  

Employees    We can assist you with your people needs whether its establishing new employees; training and development; performance management; skills analysis or mediation.  Call now for a FREE No-obligation chat 

Safety    Don't risk large fines for breaches of the Workplace Health and Safety Act, and even more importantly don't risk the health of your most valuable assets, your people. While you are busily working hard for a profit its easy to overlook changes in legislation and regulations. Are you Up-To-Date with your safety needs? Are your employee manuals and safety manuals user friendly and easily available?  Do you have Up-To-Date risk assessments and incident reporting systems in place?  Call now for a FREE No-obligation chat about your Safety needs. 

Training    Investing in your own skills and the skills of your people can seem to be a financial burden to your business but in reality it can pay you back several times over in increased productivity, staff satisfaction and loyalty. Do not ask yourself what if I train them and they leave, but rather ask yourself what if I don't train them and they stay. We can assist you to determine the right level of training for your staff, and deliver training to your financial team and management.

Systems    We can help you to choose systems that can assist with monitoring time sheets; rosters; and allocation of job/project costing that will help you with your business analysis.   Call now for a FREE No-obligation chat

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