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The decision of a financial system and any add-on applications or hardware should be decided based on your business needs and nobody else's.  With over 200 add-on programs available allow us to take the leg work out of it for you.


We can recommend, install and set up systems to meet the needs of your accountant as well as your own business. 

Financial systems are not just to do your BAS (Business Activity Summary) and complete your income tax returns.  Your financial system should be Up-To-Date so you can see at any time how your business is travelling.  It should be easy to use, make sense to you and be set up and designed to suit your own business needs.  

We can help you establish how you want to see your business reporting.  Do you want to track your jobs/projects?  Do you want to use inventory in your financial system? Do you want your Point of Sale systems or mobile payment ability linking directly to your financial system? Do you need industry specific software? Do you need specific reporting for your board and/or committee? 

These are all questions that should be asked before committing to any particular system.  Call now for your FREE No obligation chat to work out what is best for your business system needs. 

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